Collaborative partnership: transport and energy sectors

Relevant for: organisations from the public and/or private sector who have formed a collaborative partnership

This award will provide recognition to a collaborative partnership (between transport and energy sectors) and could encompass a partnership between charge point operators, local council, energy networks and energy companies. The partnership can be between two private firms. 

To illustrate, examples might include: an OEM working with an energy company on a trial; a hydrogen trial; a bus operator, a council and an energy firm.

Summary of suggested entry content: 

  • • Details of how the partners have worked together
  • • Overall benefit of the collaboration
  • • Detail of project and how the partnership has brought about benefits more widely

Criteria should include:

  • • Detail the aims and objectives of the partnership and how they were approached
  • • Benefits brought about as a result of the collaboration
  • • Description of the range of challenges identified and how they were overcome 
  • • Quality and impact of the partnership on stakeholders, contribution to the wider community and travelling public

Collaborative project must have been completed on or after 1 September 2022, and prior to the close of this year’s nominations window (22 September 2023).

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