With more than two-thirds of emissions from energy production, and a third of all emissions from transport, decarbonising these two sectors will lead the net zero agenda across the world. Transport + Energy was created for exactly this purpose: to unite the sectors with the common goal of decarbonisation.

The idea behind the inaugural Transport + Energy Forum is to unite professionals to help accelerate this transition. A key focus for the event is ‘Taking action to decarbonise now’.

Where: Birmingham Conference and Events Centre (BCEC)

When: 17th November 2022

How to get there: The BCEC is just a two-minute walk away from Birmingham New Street Station. Further location details can be found here

Against the backdrop of COP26 the need to do so has never been greater. The pressure to act continues to increase and the environmental challenges everyone faces can only be met by working together – through central and local government, supply chain partners and key stakeholders – to achieve a common goal of reaching net zero.

Focusing on what and how, the Forum event will set out the breadth of the challenge faced with a real focus on actionable solutions that can be taken now. We have less than 1,000 days to move the needle on climate change, encourage electric vehicle (EV) adoption and greener energy solutions. The time for action is now.

This exclusive event will connect transport and energy leaders with policymakers, industry groups, NGOs, the supply chain, networks, regulators, the highways sector, tech disruptors, automotive manufacturers, local authorities, customer groups, plus other stakeholders tasked with the job of fully decarbonising our transport and energy systems.

The event will include high-level keynote speeches about how governments and businesses can accelerate the transition to clean transport and energy. It will also include interactive panel debates focused on the key challenges and solutions; educational presentations; breakout discussions; and much more.

Attendees will also have access to networking opportunities and a tabletop exhibition, creating the space to form new connections and cross-sector collaborations. The conversations will then continue over an evening reception with delegates given the opportunity to cement relationships and opportunities for collaboration that could have a lasting impact.

And that’s not all – spaces for local councils will be provided free of charge so that each participating company is guaranteed access to local government officers who sit at the heart of this transition.

Topics for discussion will include: 

  • • How businesses can make the shift to all-electric fleets
  • • Preparing the grid for transport decarbonisation
  • • How can the rollout of charging infrastructure keep pace with sales of EVs, does it need to?
  • • Understanding the challenges and opportunities facing transport decarbonisation across land, sea and air
  • • Shaping the policy and regulatory landscape
  • • The rising cost of energy and how it may impact EV adoption
  • • The role of local authorities in accelerating the transition to clean transport and energy
  • • Decarbonising logistics and reducing emissions – the role of electric and hydrogen
  • • Vehicle manufacturer challenges – supply chain issues, what help do they need from different stakeholder groups as they go on this journey?
  • • Decarbonising energy and moving away from fossil fuel reliance

(Agenda is subject to change)


What is included:

  • • Each company has a cabaret style table for conference/evening reception – x10 delegate places. Companies can bring along 8 of their own handpicked delegates and 2 will be filled by the organiser with local authority delegates
  • • Accommodation included
  • • Catering and refreshments
  • • Branding and promotion 
  • • Lead generation 
  • • Evening meal and entertainment
  • • Option of expo stand (limited spaces available depending on level of • package taken)

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