Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

T&E Media Limited, 5 Margaret Road, Romford, Essex, RM2 5SH, United Kingdom will collect, process and share data in accordance with the most current regulations and as required under UK law and practices. This privacy policy outlines how we will do so and the protections we will ensure to your data.

Personal data

We will collect and process personal information including names, company address and email addresses when you register for newsletter and/or any other services on our website –

This data collection includes access to any digital services or postal mailing related to the website and the brand – It may also include data related to other sister products related to that we believe will be of direct interest to you as a user of the website and brand. Additionally, we may send information from commercial partners which is relevant to your profession and/or company profile.


When you register an account with you have consented to us processing all personal information and data as outlined above.

Additionally, we may also collect data because of other activities including market research where no prior consent was obtained for commercial interests. This data is processed so that we can send relevant information from our products, such as events or content, to you electronically or by postal services.

We will only use data where your profile will meet our target audience for specific products and services, and it will only be used with minimal impact on privacy for you. You can object to the use of data in these circumstances by emailing and your preferences will be changed accordingly.

We also collect and process data when entering into commercial agreements and for the fulfilment of contracts. This is necessary for the performance of a contract into which both and yourself will become party to and to advance contracts. We will not process your personal data in any manner which is incompatible with the above purposes.

Other data use

As well as storing personal information, we also store data on your IP address and information about your browser and operating system while viewing and associated brands. This is not personally identifiable information and is used for commercial purposes, system administration and security measures. IP addresses are also used for geo-location.


It is important to us that we store your data securely with the highest standards of data protection. As a result, our website is SSL protected. Your browser will display a padlock icon next to the web address for This shows the site is secure and it is a https website – the highest level of internet security. However, we cannot guarantee your data security and by using and sister brands you are accepting the risk of providing data online and cannot hold us responsible for breaches in security.

Disclosure to third parties

The personal information we collect is confidential and is only disclosed to a third party when:

1)    Technical partners for our mailing services and other digital content firms. These companies cannot use your personal information or store it and will only use it for as long as it is necessary to provide the service that uses the companies for.

2)    Where it is required to do so by law

3)    If the government, law enforcement, court or any other applicable agency asks us to do so

4)    When in connection with legal proceedings or potential proceedings

5)    If ownership of part/all of is transferred to another owner, in which case the purchaser would be entitled to use that information in accordance with this privacy policy.

We may use third party products and services to provide our services and may share your data with third parties in order to provide our services to you.

For example, we will use MailChimp to manage your emails, Quick Books for accounting purposes and other third parties as required to provide our services to you. 

How long do we store personal information for?

We will store your personal data for as long as necessary to provide services that have been requested by yourself, such as newsletters or content packages. We will review data to ensure services are still relevant and will remove data if we deem products or services to no longer be relevant. You have the right to remove personal data from our systems at any time. You also have rights to access your data collected by us and to edit if there are any errors. Both the right to remove and to edit can be made in writing to with access provided with personal verification.

Right to opt out of services

Newsletters and third-party content include an unsubscribe link and will enable you to opt out of further correspondence. If you have registered for a variety of services, you will need to unsubscribe to each service individually. Opt-outs are processed as soon as feasible and in line with your instructions. 


We use cookies to track user activity on our website anonymously for analytical and marketing purposes. This user activity allows to personalise content and access to restricted content. We use Google Analytics, who also store cookies on your machine.

Third party links and partnerships includes links to third party website and brands which we formally and informally partner with on content and services. Those websites and their privacy settings and policy are not covered in any way by this privacy policy or We do not pass data to third party websites when you follow any links from our website. Any data you chose to share with third party websites is subject to their privacy policies and there is no liability from for how you choose to share that data.

For more information and access to the full privacy statement, download the Privacy Notice.

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