Best product or new technology

Relevant for: OEMs, technology innovators including (but not exclusively) charging network data/interoperability software, battery solutions, battery storage and grid use/smart charging

 This award will recognise an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or technology innovator that has successfully implemented a novel technology or equipment solution that makes a difference to decarbonisation, reaching net zero, and the convergence of both the transport and energy sectors.

Summary of suggested entry content: 

  • • Demonstrate that the organisation which has brought a product or technology to the market has initiated a new way of doing things, an innovative approach or technique 
  • • Highlight the positive impact made across both sectors, in the areas of sustainability, efficiency and cost savings
  • • The winning product or technology must have been developed and made available for use in the clean transport and energy sectors within the last two years

Criteria should include:

  • • Innovation benefits brought about by using the product or technology and the contribution it makes towards the industry and its stakeholders
  • • Challenges met and the obstacles/difficulties overcome whilst developing the product or technology
  • • Environmental benefits of the product/technology and the contribution it makes towards helping both sectors reach net zero, its stakeholders and society
  • • Efficiencies and cost savings which are brought about through use of the product/technology

Please complete the criteria sections below, up to a maximum of 500 words per criteria.

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