Henley town council to install four fast chargers in visitor car park

The town council has signed a contract to install the four EV charging points at the public car park in Mill Meadows, Henley.

The fast chargers charge a typical EV from empty to 80% in 4-6hrs.

The Henley Standard reported that the council decided against having ‘rapid’ charge points, with an approx 1hr charge time, in order to be more aligned with the average length of visitor time to Mill Meadows.

A meeting of the council’s transport strategy group heard that the fast charging devices fitted best with the pattern of use of the car park.

Council projects officer, Fiona Hewer, said: “People are typically there for several hours and that gives them time to charge their car. From their point of view, it is cheaper to charge on a fast, rather than rapid charge point, as you get more electricity for your money. Future charge points could be rapid and users would have a choice.”

The group recommended introducing an enforceable parking order to reserve the electric vehicle charging bays and enforce against misuse, embed charging time limits of four to six hours and not to charge parking fees overnight for the bays.

Last month, the Henley Standard reported how between 10 and 16 new chargers will be installed in the King’s Road and Greys Road car parks, which are the responsibility of South Oxfordshire District Council, by March.

This will allow residents without off-street parking to park for free overnight and use a 7-22kw EV charging point.

Image: Shutterstock

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