Best EV charging network

Relevant for: public and private partnerships from sectors such as retail, hospitality, public services

This category is open to charge point operators (CPOs) and will be awarded to an organisation which has introduced and is operating an electric vehicle charging network that is being used by the public.

Summary of suggested entry content: 

  • • Details of key destinations where charging infrastructure has been rolled out
  • • Evidence of the reliability of chargers
  • • Collaboration, new technologies and innovation introduced
  • • How accessibility and design standards are being met 
  • • The network’s overall approach/strategy for the decarbonisation of transport

Criteria should include:

  • • Details of key charging network sites, approach taken, highlighting areas of best practice
  • • Demonstrate collaboration across transport and energy, introduction of safe and accessible charging along with the adoption of a wider decarbonisation strategy
  • • Levels of customer satisfaction achieved when considering reliability and availability of chargers, introduction of technological innovation, plus ongoing improvement, and maintenance of sites
  • • How the schemes are funded and distributed, include future funding plans
  • • How the scheme fits into the overall local/regional government policy, plans for 2030 net zero or overall corporate net zero strategies

Any examples of sites highlighted must be for facilities opened prior to the close of the nominations window (22 September 2023).

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