Forum Focus: Toddington Harper says ”history will judge us”

We caught up with Toddington Harper, CEO of GRIDSERVE at our recent Transport + Energy Forum, to explore his views on the challenges and opportunities faced by the transport and energy sectors as well as his views on the event.

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‘Green loan’ of over half a billion pounds will be used to accelerate GRIDSERVE’s EV charging rollout

A green loan of over half a billion pounds will see electric vehicle giant GRIDSERVE push on with a huge expansion of its UK-wide EV charging network – with over 3,000 new high power charge points set to be installed at more than 500 sites.

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Limiting climate change

Electricity generation and transport are the UK’s two worst offenders when it comes to greenhouse gases, at 21% and 24% of total emissions in 2020. It’s clear that we must target these sectors as a priority in the push to limit climate change. Toddington Harper, CEO of electric vehicle charging infrastructure firm GRIDSERVE, gives his view.

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Gridserve opens first electric super hub of 2023

GRIDSERVE has opened its first Electric Super Hub of 2023 at Solstice Park in Wiltshire, providing eight 350kW chargers to boost charging capacity for passing electric vehicles (EV) on the A303 near Stonehenge.  

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Government must reaffirm commitment to zero-emission car targets

Following reports that zero-emission car targets could be watered down, motoring broadcaster and transport campaigner Quentin Willson has called on the UK Government to not go back on commitments that have been made.

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Improving the charging experience

Toddington Harper is a man who is focused on building a network of the right electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for the right locations. The Chief Executive of EV infrastructure firm Gridserve spoke to Transport + Energy at the opening of the company’s latest Electric Forecourt in Norwich. 

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