Forum Focus: Toddington Harper says ”history will judge us”

We caught up with Toddington Harper, CEO of GRIDSERVE at our recent Transport + Energy Forum, to explore his views on the challenges and opportunities faced by the transport and energy sectors as well as his views on the event.

Summing up the global backdrop to the Forum agenda, Toddington commented: ““We are in the early stages of a climate crisis and there’s a small window of time available to enable us to move the needle and make a difference.

“There will never be another opportunity for humanity to literally protect the life on our planet for ourselves and for future generations. History will judge us. It’s essential that we respond.”

On the climate crisis and the challenge to keep global warming ‘safe’ he commented: “If we’re going to prevent global temperatures from exceeding 1.5C, we need to peak global emissions now by 2025 at the latest and reduce them by 43% globally by 2030, that’s six years, that’s on our watch.”

Toddington found that the presence of so many local authorities at the Forum presented a great opportunity for him to form potential future partnerships.

“This is the first event of its type that I’ve been to and I think it’s been fantastic. I’ve met some really interesting people. It’s been great to have all the local authorities assemble here, it’s such a good opportunity to have a real impact by aligning, partnering and working with local authorities. I think it’s a really good event to do that.”

In a further vote of confidence in the event, Toddington concluded: “It’s probably the best event that I’ve come to that’s brought all of these different types of people together.”

Watch the full interview below:

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