Lunaz production re-starts

Lunaz Design has restarted operations at its Silverstone-based HQ with order books reopening for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2025 and current projects recommencing.

The commercial vehicles business starts operations in parallel, as it builds towards first customer deliveries in the first quarter of 2025, it said. Customer field trials will begin in summer 2024 with local authority and private sector clients as well.

The trials will see fully up-cycled and electrified 26-tonne commercial trucks operate in real-world operations for refuse collection. This process will underpin formal market entry for UEV 26-tonne commercial vehicle products, derived from the multi-utility Mercedes Econic platform.

This strategy has previously been validated both commercially and technically through fleet electrification agreements reached with UK local authorities and waste management firm Biffa, with plans to expand into fleet electrification initiatives across various industries.

Research conducted by Tunley Engineering demonstrates that a UEV vehicle saves 344 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions (tCO2e) compared to a new diesel equivalent. Furthermore, a comprehensive Lifecycle Carbon Analysis (LCA) reveals that a UEV saves 43 tCO2e when compared to a new all-electric model.

David Lorenz, Founder, Lunaz Design & UEV, said:

“Up-cycling and electrification are the sustainable and economically viable courses for the generational shift to zero-emissions vehicles. We are delighted to have worked with our clients and stakeholders to create a new structure that lays the foundations for the long-term sustainable growth of the business.

“This ensures we are ready to meet immediate demand for vehicle electrification services and are fit to scale in direct response to volume requirements as major markets build towards legislative bans on Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) commercial vehicles.”

Image courtesy of Lunaz

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