Transport + Energy and Fully Charged announce trade media partnership

A new partnership between Transport + Energy and Fully Charged has been announced, which includes Fully Charged SHOW, Everything Electric and the Stop Burning Stuff initiative.

Fully Charged exists to educate, encourage and explain that almost all of the energy that the world demands can and should, come from ‘clean’ sources, like solar, wind and energy storage. In short, to inspire people to stop burning stuff’. The shows and live events reach over 4 million people worldwide. Stop Burning Stuff is an initiative that brings together key industry influencers, organisations, and those with lived experience, to share the truth about EVs and clean energy, dispel the myths, and fight fiction with fact.

Transport + Energy encourages collaboration between the two sectors and supports the bringing together of local council, regional and national transport and energy plans to ensure the UK’s transition to electric vehicles and decarbonised transport is successful. The brand has a community of over 20,000 social media followers, newsletter subscribers and event attendees. The third edition of their Forum in November is expected to attract over 300 delegates, alongside an evening Awards night.

“By working closely across our broad and diverse platforms, together we can help to support our sectors to deliver clean energy, new infrastructures and clean transport. We all know that we should ‘Stop Burning Stuff’ and this is our collective way of enabling and accelerating the transition to a cleaner future,” commented Alec Peachey, Founder and Editorial Director of Transport + Energy.

Dan Caesar, CEO, Fully Charged, added:

“Our mission has always been to educate consumers and inspire them to consider cleaner technologies, and working with others in the sector is a key part of this. Transport + Energy plays an important role in communication and collaboration in the sector, so we are pleased to be working with them as our Trade Media Partner this year, to help us bust the myths, share the facts and accelerate the transition to a cleaner future.”      

Transport + Energy will be the sole trade media partner across UK Fully Charged/Everything Electric events and Stop Burning Stuff in 2024 and support the Everything Electric London and Harrogate shows. Transport + Energy will also be the main sponsor of the Harrogate business day in May, through promotion to their community of government decision makers, local authorities, consultancies, construction and engineering companies, transport planners, vehicle manufacturers and technology innovators. Alec Peachey will also help to plan and participate in content sessions at the events.

Strong opportunities will be fostered in the partnership between Transport + Energy and Stop Burning Stuff, where the two brands will form a close alliance on exhibition stands at the UK Everything Electric events. Industry round tables, to discuss how to address the most persistent myths as a sector will be jointly organised, along with other events aimed at raising the profile of the Stop Burning Stuff campaign, to achieve wider national coverage.

“Transport + Energy will provide support to grow awareness of the Stop Burning Stuff campaign and encourage a more collaborative approach to fact-sharing across the sector,” commented Alec Peachey, “we are really excited about working with the Fully Charged teams to build a strong collaboration.”

“We are incredibly pleased to be working with Alec and his team to address some of the challenges faced as a sector that are holding back the transition to clean tech and electric vehicle adoption and hope that this will result in an ongoing partnership that will be beneficial for both our organisations and the sector as a whole,” said Claire Cullen, Head of Stop Burning Stuff

The first collaborative event will be Everything Electric London, London ExCeL, 28-30 March where those working in the sector can attend for free on Thursday 28th.

More information about the event is available here:

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