Rightcharge launches fleet charging costs service

Electric vehicle charging software company Rightcharge has launched its latest technology that allows fleets to cover the costs of an employee’s home charging by making payments directly to the employee’s energy account.

The service is the first part of the Rightcharge Electric Fuel Card, which is being launched in stages, and will soon offer a public charge card to access over 30 networks plus workplace charging integrations.

It’s service allows electricity rates to be read automatically at any time of day, regardless of whether the employee has a smart meter. The Rightcharge system instantly detects any changes to a driver’s tariff and no manual intervention is required from the driver.

Home charging is measured accurately via integrations with popular home charge points and connected vehicle integrations, which automate the experience for the majority of users.

Additionally, for those drivers whose charge point or vehicle is not yet compatible, Rightcharge offers a manual upload option, similar to submitting a meter reading, so that they can still benefit from direct-to-energy-supplier payments.

Charlie Cook, CEO of Rightcharge said: “We’re delighted to launch our home charging payments solution, delivering a seamless and automated way for businesses to manage home EV charging costs.

“No more confusing expenses or reimbursement hassles. And no out-of-pocket costs for drivers. Just simple, unified payments that shortcut the complexities of fleet electrification. This is the future of EV fleet management and with our public charge card and workplace integrations still to come, we’re just getting started. We look forward to supporting businesses and drivers towards a more emission-free future.”

Image courtesy of Rightcharge

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