Transport secretary praises Formula E

Formula E has played a pivotal role in “mythbusting” the negativity about electric mobility, according to a speech by the UK transport secretary Mark Harper.

Harper made the comments at the Formula E COP28 event on Transport Day, highlighting how the sports series demonstrated how high-performance racing and environmental responsibility can coexist and effectively advance the carbon agenda.

The news follows public announcement on the UK government’s £70 million pilot scheme to accelerate charging at motorway service areas, and pave the way for ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging points.

Harper emphasised how the UK could emulate the technological advancements showcased in Formula E to ‘decarbonise our road vehicle sector.’ By adopting these innovations, he said, the UK can significantly progress towards achieving net zero by 2050 and maintain its commitment to the crucial target of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees.

His remarks followed two panel sessions where experts from Formula E provided insights into the future of mobility, and how sport can be a dominant force in accelerating sustainable change and technical innovation.

He said: “Formula E brilliantly debunks myths about electric mobility by proving that world-class performance can go hand-in-hand with our carbon agenda for environmental protection.”

Formula E CEO, Jeff Dodds, said: “Our ambition has been to always leverage our unique platform to not only excite and entertain fans, but build a world-leading test bed for performance and technology development around e-mobility.

“We’re truly humbled that the UK Transport Secretary feels the same way and we can’t wait to see more of the technology we’re developing on track make a positive difference to so many consumer cars and products in the future.”

Image from Shutterstock

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