Allstar partners with Applegreen Electric

UK’s electric vehicle (EV) fuel and business expense payment company Allstar has partnered with charging network Applegreen Electric.

The collaboration sees the initial addition of 86 ultra-rapid charge points across 14 motorway sites with the building of more than 500 charge points across the Welcome Break and Applegreen UK networks over the next year.

It increases the number of charge points accessible through the Allstar network with the total now exceeding 14,000 charge points located at over 4,000 sites across the UK, with 91% of the chargers being fast, rapid and ultra-rapid.

The new Applegreen Electric charge points will be available to Allstar customers at Welcome Break and Applegreen services across major strategic road network arteries in the UK, from London to Glasgow, Cardiff to Sheffield with 24/7 driver support.

By partnering with Applegreen Electric, Allstar is working with a major petrol forecourt retailer that aims to develop electric vehicle charging infrastructure and more than one million fast charging sessions to its customers each year, it claims.

Ashley Tate, MD, Allstar Chargepass UK, said “By partnering with Applegreen Electric, we’re bringing more convenience to our customers that use the motorway network, allowing them to recharge and have access to amenities offered by popular brands at the Welcome Break Services.”

“With over 14,000 charge points now available on the Allstar network and with 91% of charge points providing fast, rapid and ultra-rapid charging, we’re helping our customers to reduce range anxiety. This is a significant step forward in our journey to a more sustainable future for transportation.”

Jack O’Brien, Country Manager UK at Applegreen Electric, added: “Allstar values align perfectly with our own in providing access to world-class rapid EV charging to drivers. Allstar’s intuitive payments options will be a valuable asset to our business customers. Our partnership will help to remove one of the key barriers to EV adoption for businesses of all sizes by making it easier for drivers to find and use reliable charging points, supporting the switch to electric and empowering EV drivers to enjoy their journey.”

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