Zenobē supports Oxford Bus Company in electrification

EV fleet and battery storage solutions firm Zenobē has highlighted its work with Oxford Bus Company during a visit by local MP Anneliese Dodds MP.

The firm’s recommendations included striving for more continuous and consistent funding models, clarity in the route forward for bus electrification targets and measures that will encourage more passengers to use buses as a main form of transport.

Zenobē’s latest partnership with Oxford Bus Company has included the installation of 104 bus charging points at its Cowley Depot as part of its recent ZEBRA-funded rollout of electric buses.

The project aims to clean up Oxford’s air quality and provide residents with cost-effective, reliable transportation without imposing constraints on residents. The combined 159 buses powered at these depots will lead to a reduction of 6,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year and up to 50% of NOx (nitrogen oxides) pollution in the most congested areas of Oxford, tackling climate change and improving air quality.

Zenobē currently works with 90% of UK operators and has electrified more than 75 depots globally, supporting over 1000 electric buses, coaches and trucks.

By 2026, it aims to support 4000 electric buses, trucks and commercial vehicles.

Anneliese Dodds, MP for Oxford East and Labour Party Chair said: “I am delighted to be here with Zenobē, Oxford Bus, and Oxford City Council to celebrate the electrification of Oxford’s landmark new fleet of buses. Labour is committed to decarbonising public transport, and it is solutions like these that will make this a reality.”

Bradley Fox, Director of EV Fleet for Zenobe, said: “We are incredibly excited by the work we are doing to help the UK’s transition to electric, and we will continue to push for greater clarity and support for operators to make sustainable changes in their operations.”

Luke Marion, Managing Director of Oxford Bus Company, added: “Anneliese is a great advocate of bus travel and a supporter of our journey to an electric future, so we valued the opportunity to further educate her on our strategy to improve air quality and roll out net-zero technology with key partners including Zenobē. 

Karen Coventry, Commercial and Marketing Director at Stagecoach West, said: “The road to electric is more complex than our standard diesel model and we have been collectively learning as we progress through the planning and build stages. The project is another example of partnership working to deliver a combined transport solution across the City of Oxford.”

Image from Zenobe 

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