Upfront cost of driving holding back EV ownership

Four in ten believe the cost of electric vehicles (EV) is justified due to environmental benefits, but 54% also said costs were the main reason for not switching, according to a recent survey.

The study by Europcar Mobility Group UK also highlighted that 44% thought the environmental benefits and lower running costs – 30% – were the main appeal for an EV.

In addition, more than a third (38%) wanted to test drive an EV for several weeks before converting. Two in three consumers considering purchasing an EV would appreciate the chance for a long test drive of between one day and two weeks. This would go a long way to put to rest the many unknowns of EV ownership, the study shows, such as cost and time of charging, range, cost of maintenance and the driving experience itself.

The survey shows that consumers have a complex relationship with EVs but that many believe they are the right solution and would purchase one at the right price point. To illustrate the news, TV presenter Amanda Lamb was provided with an electric rental car supplied by Europcar, having never driven an EV before.

She said of her experience: “I’ve always been a creature of habit for years driving similar size, similar makes of car and always using petrol in my travel presenter career. Driving an EV was pleasantly refreshing and has definitely opened up my eyes to the benefits as well as the superior comfort!”

Mark Newberry, sustainability spokesperson at Europcar Mobility Group UK, said: “When buying privately it is unlikely a motorist will be able to test out a car for more than a few minutes. This is where rental can fill a gap, allowing drivers to try out a variety of electric vehicles before deciding whether to invest and make a purchase.

“Drivers who are looking at EV ownership can hire an electric vehicle for a single day, a month or anything in between. Just as Amanda Lamb found, EV rental provides the unique opportunity to gain real-world experience of EV ownership, and the confidence to make a longer-term investment.”

Image of Amanda Lamb from Europcar

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