Vital EV to offer megawatt charging 

EV charging firm Vital EV is to offer a MegaWatt Charging System (MCS). 

Currently less than 1-in-100 newly-registered trucks are electric with charging infrastructure one of the key barriers to the electric transition in the HGV sector, it said. 

The Kempower MCS provides up to 1.2 MW (1,200kW) of ultra-rapid DC charging and adding up to 372 miles of range during a 30-minute charging session. 

The new charging solution is based on Kempower’s existing hub-and-spoke architecture, with the two Kempower Power Units coupling up to accommodate up to 24 50kW power modules (1,200kW or 1.2MW).  Power is dynamically distributed to the liquid-cooled satellite chargers, which have been fitted with the new MCS plug and have one of the highest power-to-footprint ratio on the market, it claims.

The MCS plug has been designed to deliver the higher charging power required by heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and there are currently no plans to replace the CCS2 connectors used in lighter EVs like cars and vans.  

Alex Rae, General Manager & Director at Vital EV, said: “Decarbonising the truck industry is crucial for the UK’s net-zero strategy and we are delighted to be among the first to market with a viable charging solution for overnight, destination and en-route applications”.

“With our background in industrial power engineering and a range of groundbreaking EV charging projects already under our belt, we are ideally placed to deliver critical MCS infrastructure projects and we look forward with excitement to working with the truck industry to make that fundamental switch to electric”.

Image courtesy of Vital EV

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