Transport + Energy featured on Highways Voices podcast

The Founder and Editorial Director of was the featured guest on Highways Voices –  a podcast which features leading opinion formers in the highways and transport technology industries.

Alec Peachey was invited to speak about the brand and highlighted the importance of both sectors working together. 

Alec explains how the two sectors are collaborating to find solutions needed to achieve the Government’s 2030 deadline on the end of new petrol and diesel car sales.

“Ultimately, this is about collaboration,” he says. “The only way that it will be achieved is by different stakeholder groups working together, we have to remove the silos that have existed up to now and get the stakeholder groups in the room together to understand again, what those challenges are, and work out how they can actually work together to deliver on this.”

Alec discusses the need for Government support and investment saying: “We need direction from the Government. There needs to be that focus on things like gigafactories being built in the UK. At the moment, we’re running the risk where auto manufacturers will move away from this country, if they don’t see investment in the supply chain.”

During the conversation Alec also talks about this year’s Transport + Energy Forum – an event which will bring together key stakeholder groups to discuss the actions that need to be taken to reach net zero. This year’s event will take place on 16 November at the Birmingham Conference & Events Centre with further information available here.

Alec also chats to presenter Paul Hutton about powering HGVs, the availability of EV chargers and where hydrogen fits into the mix, but that ultimately it’s “all about going further and faster”.

Listen to the podcast below:

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