Video shows progress being made at Britishvolt’s Northumberland site

ITV News recently visited Britishvolt’s Northumberland site to see the progress that’s being made to construct the UK’s first full cycle Gigaplant.

The biggest construction site in the UK is now busy with 700 local jobs planned for this time next year and another 3,000 when the Gigaplant is complete

Once at full capacity, the Gigaplant will have a production capability equating to approximately enough cells for around 300,000 electric vehicle battery packs per year, intended primarily for the automotive industry.

Ben Kilbey, Chief Communications Officer at Britishvolt, said: “This piece to camera truly captures what I am calling the ‘Britishvolt Effect’. This is bigger than just a sustainable battery Gigaplant, it is about providing opportunities for all and prosperity. Britishvolt is all about doing the right and responsible thing, delivering employment of the future and the industry of the future.

“If you were thinking of rebranding Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), you could encapsulate it as Britishvolt. The ‘Britishvolt Effect’ will move the UK back into an advanced manufacturing economy, from a service-based economy. The ‘Battery Corridor’ will link Northumberland to our scale up in Hams Hall, the Midlands, and then we have our recycling facilities with strategic partner Glencore, Britishloop, down in Kent. Britishvolt will create a clear pathway to energy security for UK. Welcome to the age of the battery, not all batteries are created equal.”

You can watch the ITV broadcast below:

Image courtesy of Britishvolt.

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