Quentin Willson to answer questions about EVs at Fully Charged LIVE

Battery pioneer Britishvolt is inviting attendees of this year’s Fully Charged LIVE event to have any questions about electric vehicles (EVs) answered by motoring broadcaster and transport campaigner Quentin Willson.

Quentin, who has been driving EVs for nine years and is the founder of the EV and charging campaign FairCharge, will be on hand over the three days of the event to help bust any myths, misconceptions and untruths about EVs. 

This builds on the educational work he has done with battery cell technology and R&D company Britishvolt to dispel some of the misinformation which is out there. 

A series of myth buster videos are currently being run on the industry website Transport + Energy (www.transportandenergy.com) and are being delivered in conjunction with Britishvolt. 

Speaking about the series, Ben Kilbey – Head of Communications at Britishvolt – said: “The more we leave misinformation and myths to fester and mature, the more likely they will become common folklore passed on and passed down. This can only have a detrimental effect on mass adoption of EVs, which in turn has a negative impact on a clean air future for all. Britishvolt is all about education and delivering a foundation of truth for the general public to consume and make educated choices.”

This education piece will be taken one step further with former Top Gear presenter Quentin Willson making himself available at Fully Charged LIVE to answer visitors’ and businesses questions about running electric cars which range from the charging options available, understanding running costs, whether batteries last, and where the materials that make them come from. 

He said: “I’m constantly amazed at how much anti EV nonsense is still being circulated on social media. We now have millions of miles of evidence that EVs are performing perfectly well for hundreds of thousands of drivers. Sharing that real world experience is very important in setting the record straight. I’m looking forward to answering any and all questions on EVs on the Britishvolt stand at Fully Charged Live.”

Britishvolt is working to deliver its first full-scale a Gigaplant in Northumberland that will eventually produce enough low carbon, sustainable battery cells for well over 300,000 electric vehicle battery packs per year.

Fully Charged LIVE brings the popular YouTube show to life by showcasing every commercially available electric car on the market. 

The event is taking place at Farnborough International from the 29th April to 1st May 2022. 

You can buy tickets for the event from https://fullycharged.live

Britishvolt will be on Stand BD18.

Twitter: @britishvolt

LinkedIn: Britishvolt

Insta: britishvolt

Quentin Willson is a member of the Transport + Energy editorial board.

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