Electric vehicle installer code to protect consumers as Government scheme closes

Electric Vehicle Consumer Code for Home Chargepoints (EVCC) will continue to apply rigorous checks to guarantee installers deliver high quality installations for homeowners after the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) closes on 31 March.

EVCC sets out high standards for installers of domestic EV chargers, empowering consumers and giving them the knowledge and confidence to install a charger at home.

Currently, the EVHS, administered by The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, gives eligible electric vehicle (EV) owners grants of up to £350 towards the cost of installing a new home chargepoint.

For homeowners to receive this grant money, EVHS also requires that the chargers are installed by authorised, competent installers, which in turn means that they have assurance of certain standards and service.

Once EVHS closes on 31 March most homeowners will no longer be eligible for a grant to reduce the cost of their charger installation. The result will be that competent installers carrying out high quality work will be more difficult to identify.

To plug this gap, homeowners looking for high standards of service and guarantees of consumer protection should contact an EVCC member installer.

The service homeowners receive from EVCC member installers includes: a site survey to determine the best location for a new charger; a fair contract, with all the relevant protections; a guarantee that they will not be pressured into a sale; and help from EVCC to resolve any complaints quickly should something go wrong.

Virginia Graham, Chief Executive of Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL), said: “Once EVHS closes to most homeowners on 31 March it will be much more difficult to identify competent installers. But, by choosing an EVCC member to carry out your work, you’ll get peace of mind – because we ensure our members are well-qualified, committed to consumer protection and, should anything go wrong, we are here to help.”

Mike Schooling, Founder and CTO at Indra, said: “As an affiliate of EVCC and a leading British manufacturer of smart EV chargers, we recognise the importance of rigorous standards and regulations in the home charging industry and EVCC offers an excellent service to help guide consumers through the home charging process.

“Ensuring safe, competent and consistent installations of our home chargers is extremely important, which is why we only work with a carefully selected professional installer network. Our approach to the installation service, combined with our high-quality products, delivers industry-leading reliability and peace of mind for our customers.”

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