EVA Scotland survey shows commitment to EVs

A survey carried out by Electric Vehicle Association Scotland shows that drivers are committed to making the switch to EVs but want to see manufacturers reduce the cost of buying cars along with more investment in charging infrastructure.

In its 2021/2 review of its members, EVA Scotland found that over 83% said that purchase costs were a major factor in choosing an electric vehicle, with 50% wanting to see new EV prices reduced.  Over 43% say they want to see rapid development and growth of Scotland’s  EV charging infrastructure which EVA Scotland supports and is calling on national and local government and the charge point supply industry to respond.

Asked what influenced them most when considering making the transition to owning an electric vehicle:

* over 90% quoted cheaper fuel costs

* 71% reductions in overall running costs

* 82% said a more enjoyable drive

* 87% enjoyed a quieter drive

* 68.75% enjoyed increased acceleration

Over 96% said they were very satisfied (78%) or satisfied (18%) with their EV – 68% were likely or very likely to consider an EV for their next vehicle.

Although battery range was one of the key factors in choosing their current EV according to 63% of drivers, only 14% of those surveyed thought that EVs were not suitable for long journeys.

Commenting on the results of the survey, EVA Scotland director Neil Swanson (pictured) said: “We firmly believe that these results show tremendous confidence in the future of all-electric vehicles as the way forward in our global battle against climate change and, if manufacturers address the current higher costs of buying an EV, the current rate of change from fossil fuel vehicles will accelerate even more rapidly.

“Members also want to see further development and growth of Scotland’s  EV charging infrastructure which EVA Scotland supports and is calling on national and local government and the charge-point supply industry to respond. The survey clearly shows that electric vehicle drivers across Scotland are unanimous in their commitment to, and expectations for, the future of EVs as the preferred mode of transportation.”

There are now over 30,000 licensed vehicles in Scotland classed as ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVs), with the majority being either a pure battery or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Swanson added: “The shift from ICE to electric vehicles is going to be one of the largest examples of public or private policy implementation of the next decade.

“EV drivers’ associations play an instrumental role in providing a support network for individuals using electric modes of transport and promoting the benefits of the electrification of transport for our environment, our health and our economy.

“As the voice of electric vehicle drivers in Scotland, EVA Scotland understands the importance role the EV community plays in policy decisions. Supporting the Scottish government and Transport Scotland towards net zero carbon emissions and the incredible work pioneered by local authorities is our main objective and what we will continue to do.”

The Scottish Government has published a new draft vision for public electric vehicle charging in Scotland and announced a new fund of up to £60 million for local authorities – a step which could double the size of the network.

The vast majority (74.5%) of respondents to the survey were in the 45-74 age group, with 88% confirming they were EV drivers.

Image courtesy of EVA Scotland.

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