VolkerWessels continues to electrify company car fleet

VolkerWessels UK has marked a significant milestone with its vehicle fleet, with 50% of company cars, and 91% of current company car orders, being either fully electric, or hybrid.

In 2021, the company published its Net Zero Carbon Strategy which set out its target of being Net Zero by 2035 for all Scope 1 and 2 emissions, and for those Scope 3 emissions which are under its direct control.

The shift in the make-up of the company car fleet is a development which will enable significant progress towards this strategy.

Spencer Ward, head of fleet, said: “The uptake of alternative fuelled vehicles over the past two years has surpassed our expectations and is something we are very proud of at VolkerWessels UK. Empowering our employees to make their vehicle decision based on all the facts available to them is key. We have a ‘fuel decision tree’ available to all employees through our vehicle partner, Lex, to help ensure their choice is fully informed. This is based on annual mileage, access to charge points and the mileage range of the vehicle. This, along with highlighting the fiscal incentives available from the Government, is helping our employees make the right decision for them as drivers, with many now choosing the greenest option available to them.”

Image: Shutterstock.

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