Oomph EV bring charging ecosystem to ‘anyone, anywhere’

An ecosystem developed by Cambridge based oomph EV will allow anyone, anywhere to have an EV charge service, with rapid, mobile charging.

Oomph EV say the technology has been developed to plug an immediate gap in the charging infrastructure and will provide the means for companies looking to deliver EV charging directly to customers.

With three platforms in the pipeline, the system will be capable of offering up to 50kW of rapid charge to deliver 40 miles range in just 12 minutes.

Paired with an app-driven customer interface and supported with backend data and energy management software, Oomph EV has created a complete ecosystem.

By providing a complete mobile charging platform, Oomph believe their system can help increase both EV adoption and provide a positive customer experience.

Oomph EV say their offering is unique in that it will ultimately provide the EV user with charging-freedom, whilst de-risking EV switch-over for individuals and businesses alike.

By investing in Oomph’s ecosystem, business managers can continue to deliver in-line with ever demanding green policies whilst having the reassurance they are covered for the unplanned event that leads to ‘0 miles range’ before a shift is over.

For Oomph EV, the goal is simple. To allow the EV user to decide when and where to receive charge. A top up charge whilst out shopping, in a business meeting or parked at the station. A backup service for emergency zero mile recovery situations or a convenient pre planned top up for the longer or more rural trips where fixed charging infrastructure is limited or plagued by unreliability. Mobile charging can really open up so many possibilities.

The company’s founder Morag Hutcheon said: “We have three platforms in the pipeline, and are looking to offer up to 50kW of rapid charge to deliver 40 miles range in just 12 minutes. It was important we paired our smart box technology with an app driven customer interface to make charge requests quick and easy but support it with backend data, GPS tracking and energy management software. We wanted to create a complete service offering which focused on the consumer but was also perfect for charging delivery companies and fleet managers alike.”

Image: courtesy Oomph EV

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