Vattenfall sets out EV transition roadmap for businesses

Understanding eFleet charging infrastructures, a new white paper from European energy company Vattenfall, sets out a roadmap for businesses to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles, outlining the processes and options available for electric vehicle charging infrastructures.

E-mobility will play a fundamental role in a more sustainable transport system, but ready and reliable access to charging infrastructure remains a barrier to widespread adoption.

With increased duties on petrol and diesel and road tax that penalises vehicles with higher emissions, the business case for switching to electric fleets is growing. Furthermore, government grants to businesses – including e-Fleet operators – and individuals to aid the purchase of electric vehicles is providing an added incentive.

Vattenfall’s white paper Understanding eFleet charging infrastructures explains how a reliable eFleet electrical infrastructure can work.

From what to consider, to an overview of the process of switching to electric vehicles and operating an electric vehicle charging infrastructure, the paper sets out to help businesses make the transition towards a fossil-free future.

The paper covers:

  • how the charging infrastructure works
  • legal and regulatory considerations
  • options for management, ownership, and operations.

Stewart Dawson, Managing Director of Vattenfall UK, said: “If the UK is serious about meeting its ambitious EV targets we need to accelerate the deployment of EV charging and the associated upgrades to the grid.

“Vattenfall can support businesses with both these challenges by providing CAPEX, owning and operating EV charging infrastructure for our clients, via our Power-as-a-Service offer – and by providing upgraded and new grid connections, which can also incorporate Asset Adoption Value payments back to our clients to help offset the upfront investment, via our IDNO business.

“Vattenfall aims to enable fossil free living within one generation and we are ready to support UK businesses navigating the transition to become zero carbon.

“There’s a number of factors to consider when setting up a new EV fleet. On top of the infrastructure requirements, there’s also legal and regulatory considerations and then the ongoing management and maintenance.

“For some organisations, a fully managed setup can be an attractive solution, requiring minimal investment and leaving the responsibility for owning and managing all compliance, regulatory and environmental issues with an expert.”

Image: courtesy Vattenfall

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