Newmotion chargers now part of Electric Juice Network

Thousands of NewMotion EV chargers across the UK and Europe are now available for use as part of Octopus Energy’s Electric Juice Network (EJN).

Customers of Electric Juice will have access to chargers at popular destinations and service stations across the UK and mainland Europe, including a growing amount of rapid charging at Shell Recharge.

Octopus adds NewMotion’s public network to the previous successfully integrated charge point operators IONITY,, Hubsta, Alfa Power, Franklin Energy LiFe, Plug-N-Go and Osprey, who all joined the EJN in its first year. 

Drivers of electric vehicles will now be able to pay with their Octopus Energy account across the participating charging networks, with all costs appearing on a single bill. As further networks are added to the roaming service, users of the Electric Juice Network will soon be able to access many more charging stations nationwide. 

With their charging platform Octopus offers a solution to a long-standing problem for EV drivers, who have criticised the lack of a standardised way of paying as each network requires a different card or app.

Alan McCleave, Regional Manager UK and Nordics at NewMotion, said: “E-mobility partnerships are a key aspect in the enablement of mass EV adoption, that’s why we partner with many different parties in our European roaming charging network. We’re part of the Shell group, which recently announced that by 2025 there will be over 30,000 Shell Recharge charge points.” 

Zoisa North-Bond, CEO of Electric Juice, added: “By offering access to Shell Recharge and NewMotion public charge points via the Electric Juice Network, our plans for mainland Europe are becoming even more tangible. Europe’s transport sector needs to decarbonise quickly. Collaborating with more partners helps create better access to charging infrastructure, which makes it easier for petrol car drivers to consider electric vehicles and simplifies the whole process for current EV drivers. NewMotion provides the EJN customers with rapid charging at Shell Recharge on the motorway and the inner city coverage of the network means EV drivers have more flexibility than they’ve enjoyed before.”

Octopus Electric Vehicles recently announced the launch of a new leasing service – Electric Dreams – offering 100% electric salary sacrifice schemes, to save employees thousands as they switch to EVs.

Image: Shutterstock.

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