Fresh EV charging in Inverclyde as part of £85k project

A dozen EV charging points have been added by Inverclyde council as the local authority moves towards electrification.

The project has seen electric charging points added at a number of local cark park with a twin 22kW charger and a twin 7kW charger across four parking bays at each site.

The scheme is par of the local authority’s commitment to tackling climate change and was funded centrally by the Scottish Government through Transport Scotland allocations. It forms part of the country’s plans to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles by 2032 and for 80% of the local authority’s fleet to be EV within the next two years.

The council currently has 30 electric vehicles in operation, which is 61% of its overall van and car fleet. It has been able to transition from ICE vehicles through £140,000 of Transport Scotland funding over a three year period with a £70,000 also committed for the 2020/21 financial cycle.

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