Electric Nation V2G project shows potential to slash home energy bills

The Electric Nation project which demonstrates how electric vehicles can provide Vehicle to Grid (V2G) services is now complete with findings showing that EV drivers can reduce their energy bills by using V2G charging.

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Energy stored in electric car batteries could be used to power homes

During the course of this year, the University of Warwick’s EV-elocity project has been deploying V2G chargers in a range of locations across England to as part of large-scale trials to gain technical, customer and commercial insights on emerging V2G (vehicle-to-grid) technology.

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UKPN to create ‘virtual power’ station in UK’s largest flexibility tender

New contracts for energy capacity worth £30 million are being awarded to 17 innovators in the energy, tech and car sector including Octopus Energy, Electric Miles and Ohme, making it the UK’s largest-ever ‘flexibility’ tender.

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