10,000 charge points available on Paua’s roaming network

The UK’s largest independent electric vehicle (EV) roaming network for business has been established by Paua with the company agreeing contracts that will provide fleets with access to 10,000 charge point connectors across the country.

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Zap-Map survey reveals EV charging habits

Zap-Map has published the full results of its market-leading EV Charging Survey, a deep dive into understanding the shape and usage of Britain’s EV charging network – with a notable increase in the use of ultra-rapid charging devices across the country in 2021.

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Q&A: IONITY’s Pia Bretschneider on the roll-out of a rapid charging network for EVs

Pia Bretschneider, Country Manager UK and Ireland at IONITY, speaks to Transport + Energy about the company’s plans to roll out a reliable high-power charging network for electric vehicles.

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