Improving the charging experience

Toddington Harper is a man who is focused on building a network of the right electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for the right locations. The Chief Executive of EV infrastructure firm Gridserve spoke to Transport + Energy at the opening of the company’s latest Electric Forecourt in Norwich. 

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Gridserve opens new Electric Forecourt in Norwich

GRIDSERVE is opening its latest Electric Forecourt in Norwich today (21 April 2022) with the site set to transform EV charging in the area by more than doubling the number of high-powered chargers available for use.

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Zap-Map survey reveals EV charging habits

Zap-Map has published the full results of its market-leading EV Charging Survey, a deep dive into understanding the shape and usage of Britain’s EV charging network – with a notable increase in the use of ultra-rapid charging devices across the country in 2021.

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GRIDSERVE completes upgrade of motorway chargers on Electric Highway EV charging network

GRIDSERVE has completed the upgrade of more than 300 legacy motorway chargers on its Electric Highway EV charging network.

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Gridserve agrees to end exclusive EV charging rights on motorways

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has confirmed that Gridserve – which owns the Electric Highway charging network – has agreed to end exclusivity charger agreements with major motorway service operators.

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GRIDSERVE opens EV charging hub in Wales

GRIDSERVE has announced the opening of Wales’ first high-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging hub at Moto Swansea as part of the company’s plans to tackle charging disparities across the UK.

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