BVRLA Road to Zero report highlights progress

The potholes in the Road to Zero are beginning to curtail the UK’s journey to zero-emission road transport, according to a new report by the BVRLA.

The news, from the BVRLA’s annual Road to Zero report, explores decarbonisation progress across vehicle supply, demand and infrastructure.

The report, which was produced in associated with Ricardo, combines industry data and analysis with insights from senior stakeholders representing the vehicle rental, leasing, fleet management, and associated sectors.

It shows how certain market-wide challenges are impacting the transition, including how six months into the implementation of the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Mandate, the early effects are beginning to play out.

Where business leasing for electric cars remains strong, and is supporting manufacturers’ effort to meet the mandate, demand for personal leasing has seen a slight decline, it revealed.

Strong performance is shown in the roll out of charge points, which remains on track to surpass 300,000 units by 2030.

Improvements in the existing network include better reliability, although it said the charging experience “still has headroom in which to grow”, such as van-accessible charging, and booking in advance.

It also explored the changing picture of repair, maintenance and insurance, as well as the state of the used BEV market.

BVRLA Chief Executive, Gerry Keaney, said:

“We have over one million zero-emission vehicles on the road, yet demand is imbalanced. We have more public charge points rolling out every month, yet confidence is slipping.

“This year’s Road to Zero Report presents a warts-and-all review of where we stand today. It highlights where the biggest wins can be delivered and how to stimulate previously overlooked sectors.

“Our new government must hit the ground running on road transport decarbonisation. Targeted action is needed on charging infrastructure, the used market, and the van transition. Armed with the insights in this report, we are ready to further those discussions right now.”

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