Volkswagen Group partners with OVO

Volkswagen Group UK has partnered with green energy supplier OVO to offer 10,000 free miles and other bonuses to customers.

Customers purchasing vehicles from 1 July 2024 from any of the Volkswagen Group brands can use OVO’s ‘Charge Anytime’ add-on, as well as up to 10,000 free miles, bonuses and additional free EV miles through OVO Beyond.  

Under the OVO deal, VW customers can charge vehicles for 7p/kWh at home at any time of the day or night. The Charge Anytime add-on, powered by Kaluza’s smart software, has enabled customers to save over £10 million since its launch in 2022. 

The add-on works by automatically optimising cars to charge when carbon emissions and prices are lower.

In addition, when VW customers sign up to OVO, they will receive 10,000 free miles, followed by 1,000 free miles on their contract anniversary for three further years. 

ICE car drivers can also bank EV miles to power their future electric car through OVO Beyond, adding an extra 50 miles on top of the 100 EV miles per month for up to 24 months, if they then go on to purchase a new VW Group EV.

Electric Vehicle Lead for Volkswagen Group UK, Kate Jeffreys, said: 

“On top of our Ohme partnership for home charging, we believe the agreement with OVO breaks down more barriers for customers who are looking to make the switch to an electric vehicle. Buying, owning and driving an electric vehicle is simple and easy – and fun! We hope this latest addition to our holistic offering will be another attractive piece of the jigsaw for consumers.”

OVO’s Chief Commercial Officer, Mat Moakes said:

“OVO is committed to helping customers transition to an electric vehicle. Together with Volkswagen Group we are rewarding customers for making the switch to an EV. We look forward to extending our market leading Charge Anytime to more customers than ever before and helping consumers on their EV journey, all while cutting costs and carbon.” 

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