AMPECO and Hubject announce partnership

AMPECO and Hubject have announced a strategic partnership to deliver Plug&Charge and roaming services to electric vehicle (EV) charging providers.

Hubject, the EV interoperability market leader, and AMPECO, a global EV charging management software leader say the collaboration will enable CPOs and EMPs to benefit from Hubject’s intercharge and Plug&Charge networks and AMPECO’s EV charging management platform under a single contract.

With their extensive global presence and proven track record in mature markets like Europe and emerging markets such as the US, South Korea, and the Middle East, both companies are strategically aligned to enhance services for large-scale EV charging providers.

Using the AMPECO platform, EV charging providers can benefit from quick and reliable onboarding with Hubject’s roaming services. Clients maintain brand visibility within Hubject’s ecosystem by appearing as separate entities. Furthermore, AMPECO, as a certified Hubject Plug&Charge backend provider, allows CPOs and EMPs to integrate seamlessly with any Plug&Charge compliant hardware, delivering a smooth and efficient experience for EV drivers.

Hubject’s CEO Christian Hahn commented:

“The partnership between Hubject and AMPECO extends the level and breadth of services and opportunities for CPOs globally. They can rapidly scale their operations across markets using AMPECO’s advanced platform and Hubject’s intercharge and Plug&Charge offerings.”

Stefan Ivanov, CRO of AMPECO, added:

“Our longstanding collaboration with Hubject stems from the valuable offerings of their intercharge and Plug &Charge platforms, which greatly benefit the large-scale EV charging providers we work with. That’s why we went the extra mile to make them directly available to our customers through our platform!”

Image courtesy of AMPECO.

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