Car EV rental fleet grown by 200%

The electrification of the rental fleet has already saved more than 25,000 tonnes of CO2/year with the overall EV rental fleet growing 200% since 2022, according to a new BVRLA report.

The report illustrates, with 90,000 private cars taken off the UK roads as well, vehicle rental “makes an essential contribution to UK society”, the BVRLA said, and assists in more sustainable mobility.

Produced in collaboration with PA Consulting, the ‘Rental Credentials’ report includes feedback from more than 1,250 customers and operating data from companies responsible for around 70% of the UK’s car and van rental fleet.

The body combined data with insights from senior executives from across the car and van rental industry to deliver the report, which includes how vehicle rental helps keep Britain moving, improve economic growth, and also sustainability, through reducing emissions, private vehicle reliance, and reticence about transition to EVs.

Alongside the top lines on fleet growth and emissions, the report found the average rental car is eight years younger than its privately-owned alternativem 58% of car hire and 82% of van hire is with business customers, and critical national infrastructure relies on vehicle rental.

BVRLA Chief Executive, Gerry Keaney, said:

“Anyone making a significant journey on the road network will pass dozens of unbranded rental vehicles.”

“This report captures the vehicle rental sector’s impact and the scale of its contribution to the UK’s economy and society. Rental is a proactive, innovative industry that policymakers should work with to unlock fairer, more sustainable and affordable mobility in Britain.”

Image of report

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