AA Business Services launches its latest yellow paper

With a person killed or seriously injured on the roads every 16 minutes, and a third of these incidents involving someone driving for work, AA Business Services has launched its latest yellow paper on driving safely.

The paper, calledOur Driving Future: Making Human Factors More Predictable, explores the critical role human behaviour has to play in ensuring driving safety, both now and in the future.

It looks at analysis of managing workplace driving risks, the role of confidence, wellbeing, technology, training and education, and actionable recommendations, with a guide to what businesses can do to make human behaviour safer and more predictable.

The study shows how human error is a factor in approximately 95% of all road incidents. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), road traffic incidents claim approximately 1.19 million lives annually and are projected to become the seventh leading cause of death by 2030. 

The yellow paper follows the release of The AA’s motoring manifesto, ‘Creating Confidence for Drivers’, a summary of the needs and perspectives of the UK’s driving community and the moves motorists most want to see brought about in the months ahead. These include reducing road deaths via clearer targets and increased policing. 

James Starling, director, AA Business Services, said:

“The AA represents more than 14 million members in the UK, including those who use their vehicles to get to and from work.

“We’re very quick to enthuse about the future of driving when it comes to the deployment of new technologies, but we can’t afford to forget in the meantime the one critical factor that has the greatest impact on the safety of our roads – the human element. Nor should we discount the role this has to play in the future of driving.”

“Humans are complex, with a diverse and shifting range of needs that impact our driving behaviour. 

“As we enter this incredibly exciting period of change, we believe a combined approach that takes all these needs into account is essential to  road safety as we move forward.” 

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