REA launches vision for new Government’s first 100 days in office

The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) has today launched its vision for the next government’s first 100 days in office – setting out objectives in various areas including energy and transport.

The next administration will decide whether the UK meets its net zero targets, and the REA is calling for clarity, ambition, and action to hit the ground running.

Organised across the REA strategic pillars of Circular Bioresources; Heat and Cooling; Power and Flexibility; Transport; and cross Pillar objectives, the First 100 Days action plan sets out a comprehensive policy platform that provides long-term assurances to the sector, and ensures the UK is once more positioned as a global leader in the energy transition.

Each Strategic Pillar document outlines an overarching objective for the upcoming government, and details a series of steps and policy actions intended for swift implementation and for immediate impact.

In the area of transport, the REA has set out an objective that 50% of UK transport energy demand should be decarbonised by 2035.

They say the immediate steps the next Government will need to take to achieve this are as follows:

  1. Reinstate the 2030 phase-out date for sales of new petrol & diesel cars.
  2. Announce a national car scrappage scheme for the most polluting cars.
  3. Incentivise investment into rural EV infrastructure.
  4. Ramp up the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation targets.
  5. Introduce an EV infrastructure package to ensure a good charging experience for all.
  6. Ensure Green Skills are in place by developing an EV infrastructure apprenticeship scheme with industry.
  7. Deliver the Sustainable Aviation Fuel mandate by 1st January 2025.
  8. Develop a Sustainable Marine Fuel mandate to decarbonise the shipping industry.

Read the REA’s First 100 Days action plan in full here.

Dr Nina Skorupska CBE, CEO of the REA (Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology), said:

“The REA’s First 100 Days action plan is a comprehensive vision that would galvanise the entire sector across multiple technologies. It is no secret the UK’s status as global leader in Net Zero has been called into question. We strongly urge the next government to implement the policy steps outlined in our First 100 Days action plan, if it is serious about putting the energy transition front and centre of the government’s legislative programme, and hitting important milestones such as decarbonising heat, transport energy demand, and the electricity system, and ensuring all biodegradable waste is sustainably recycled.”

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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