Motability showcases eWAV and benefits of electric transition

The Motability Scheme’s has showcased the eVITA electric wheelchair-accessible vehicle (eWAV) and communicated the benefits of EVs to potential customers at its event at the NEC in Birmingham.

Including the eVITA, which was designed in collaboration with car design CALLUM, there were also more than 50 different EVs of display with 550 customers test driving vehicles for the first time.

As the government’s Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate approaches, Motability Operations, the organisation behind the Scheme, is committed to ensuring its customers are prepared for the shift to electric.

An EV information hub offered EV expert advice to customers, including demonstrations, discussions on key topics and issues related to EVs, and the benefits of switching, as well as benefits from the Motability Scheme, such as the electric transfer plate.

Importantly, it also listened to customers’ concerns on the switch from ICE vehicles, and the barriers and challenges faced by its customers in relation to EVs and accessibility.

It explained how it worked with local authorities and EV charging providers on overcoming these issues, for example the work undertaken with Ohme to install 46,000 charge points as part of their lease package, and public charger bp Pulse to ensure accessibility to the network.

Most recently, it partnered with start-up Paua, to launch the Motability Go Charge app which helps customers simplify EV charging payments. 

Image from Shutterstock

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