GoPlugable choses Ohme as home charger partner

Digital platform GoPlugable has selected Cork-based EV charging company Ohme as its official home charger partner in Ireland.

The platform, which is used for locating, reserving and sharing home charging points for EV drivers, was established in 2023 to solve the problem of Irish EV drivers who don’t have easy access to home-charging.

Owners of Ohme chargers in Ireland can become a GoPlugable host and earn money by sharing their home EV charger when it’s not in use.

Ohme’s range of smart chargers can connect with all of Ireland’s electricity suppliers and automatically adjust an EV’s charging for drivers to take advantage of off-peak tariffs, it said.

For instance, charging a 77kWh Volkswagen ID.3 from zero to 100% with an Ohme EV charger on an off-peak tariff could cost just €7.34 for an electric range of more than 574kms (WLTP Combined).

Over the course of a year and 10,000kms of driving that would equate to running costs of less than €130.

Ohme is the official EV charger provider for the Volkswagen Group, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo Cars and Polestar in Ireland and has worked with a number of other partners including Donegal County Council and Iarnród Éireann.

GoPlugable CEO, Maebh Reynolds said:

“We are delighted to announce Ohme as our official home charging partner. With Ohme the fastest-growing smart EV charging company in Ireland, it’s great for us to be working with them to help with the transition to greater EV adoption in all forms.”

David Watson, Ohme CEO, said:

“GoPlugable is a really exciting new company for Ireland, helping to grow EV adoption and make it easier for drivers to make the switch.

“This collaboration will help Ohme customers not only to get paid from renting their charger out to other EV users, but to help play a part in growing the EV public charging network.”

Image courtesy of Ohme

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