BYD launches fully electric bus

Electric vehicle manufacturer BYD has launched its all-new fully electric double deck bus, which is expected to begin operating in London later this year.

Featuring BYD’s Blade Battery, the all-new BD11 is a 90 passenger, zero-emission bus, designed to comply with strict environmental regulations. It has a 532kW capacity, lithium-ion phosphate battery which is incorporated into the chassis structure to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle by 10%.

The lightweight battery pack has been designed to improve space utilisation by 50% more than a traditional battery pack, while maintaining high levels of energy density.

Using each cell as a structural beam to help withstand force, the battery also achieves high levels of strength and torsional stiffness and has a low centre of gravity to increase stability and manoeuvrability. The device is free of cobalt and other toxic metals such as nickel and magnates, providing an environmentally friendly option to conventional batteries.

The bus is driven by two 150kW electric motors and incorporates multiple functions into a single assembly, the motors use a 6-in-1 controller that simplifies the vehicle’s electronics for improved reliability.

The 6-in-1 motor uses cutting edge Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology that yields and impressive 99.5% efficiency with a 15% weight reduction compared to traditional controllers.

The eBus with London specification is equipped with a range of advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS), including Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM), Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA).

Frank Thorpe, Managing Director, BYD UK Commercial Vehicles said:

“Introducing our all-new fully electric BYD BD11 Double Deck bus to the UK marks an important moment for BYD in the country and in the very important public transport arena. BYD is proud to contribute highly innovative, world-leading technology for safe and reliable electric mobility, providing operators with modern eco-friendly eBus options that meet their specifications, thus providing more people the choice to use clean, non-polluting bus services in the future.

“We look forward to the vehicle going into service in London, showcasing the deployment of our industry-leading technology in the mass transit sector.”

Image courtesy of BYD

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