GreenFlux expands roaming network by 4,000 charge points in UK

GreenFlux has entered into a partnership with Clenergy EV which will see the electric vehicle (EV) charging software provider expand its roaming network by over 4,000 charge points in the UK.

The software provider, part of the DKV Mobility group, signed a cooperation agreement with Clenergy EV, an EV charging software and services provider based in Wales. Clenergy EV also offers software services for EV drivers charging at home and access to an EV driver app with hundreds of thousands of chargers available across the UK and Europe.

This partnership makes 4,000 more charge points seamlessly available to the EV drivers served by GreenFlux’s platform customers, using their existing e-mobility apps and charge card services. The charge points are located along the most important routes across the UK, with a strong focus on Wales, and include stations operated by Dragon Charging, EVDot, and Nest.

Suthalan Gnanes, Managing Director at GreenFlux, said:

“We are proud to support the transition towards sustainable mobility for all. This new integration with Clenergy EV increases the GreenFlux network in the UK significantly. With our new roaming partnerships, we improve interoperability and help our customers offer a smooth charging experience, especially in Wales.”

In addition, the new partnership entails that EV drivers of Clenergy EV’s eMobility services app would have access to the extensive GreenFlux network of its CPO customers.

Clenergy EV CEO Will David said:

“We are delighted to offer drivers on our networks even more choice to roam across the selection of chargers on the GreenFlux network. And for our CPO clients, the chance to advertise chargers on a network of over five million drivers makes for an exciting opportunity.

“Our partnership is based on a shared belief that the most important factor in improving our infrastructure, and making EV adoption more viable is through collaboration. Through deals like these, we make charging easier and more accessible for all.”

With this new contract, GreenFlux is fast expanding its roaming network, which now includes over 687,000 EV charge points across Europe (as of March 2024) spread across Europe.

Image courtesy of GreenFlux.

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