First Bus powers up Renault Trucks’ eHGV

First Bus provided electric charging to Renault Trucks’ new electric Heavy Goods Vehicle (eHGV) as it made the last UK stop of its European tour.

The Renault Trucks Diamond Echo Roadshow is travelling across Europe from 10 April to 19 July to prove the possibilities and range of eHGV.

Using the depot’s fast charging electric infrastructure, the truck successfully charged at Hoeford on Friday 10 May, before heading to the ferry at Portsmouth to continue its tour.

First Bus’ Hoeford depot, based in Fareham, close to Portsmouth ferry port, was well placed to provide charging to the e-truck. Hoeford, recently electrified with 66 rapid charger outlets, is already home to a fleet of 62 electric buses.

The state-of-the-art facility demonstrates First Bus’s commitment to not only electrify its own fleet but also support the wider transition to electric freight transport. The depot is well-equipped to accommodate road haulage vehicles and will soon welcome B2B customers seeking charging solutions.

This collaboration highlights the growing network of electric charging infrastructure across First Bus depots in the UK. These facilities offer extensive charging options for vans and trucks, making them valuable resources for businesses like Openreach, DPD, and Police Scotland who are already utilising First Bus’ innovative charging network.

Faizan Ahmad, Decarbonisation Programme Director at First Bus, said:

“At First Bus, we are well on the way to achieving our goal of a zero emission bus fleet by 2035 and we already have rapid EV charging infrastructure at ten sites with substantial expansion planned within the next 18 months. 

“Beyond our own transformation we’re committed to knowledge sharing and industry collaboration. We’re proud to support other sectors’ electrification efforts, as demonstrated by offering our charging facilities to Renault Trucks pioneering eHGV tour. Fast, accessible, and high-volume charging is crucial for electrifying road freight, and First Bus stands ready to be a leader in providing this critical infrastructure.”

Ashley Kemp, Demonstration and Press Test Manager at Renault Trucks added: 

“Over the last couple of weeks, we have successfully demonstrated the operational reality of electric trucks from Scotland to the South Coast.  Huge thanks to First Bus for the rapid and seamless charging experience at Hoeford’s impressive facility, powering the Diamond Echo on the last leg of its UK tour before boarding the boat at Southampton and onwards to Spain.”

Image courtesy of First Bus.

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