ENA launches ENA Connect Direct

A single online form to create a faster and more accurate process for connecting domestic low-carbon technologies (LCTs) to the electricity network has been launched by Energy Networks Association (ENA).

The association’s ENA Connect Direct simplifies the application process, which can be slow and reliant on manual processes, to assist the electricity network transition from a traditional one-way system to a smarter, more flexible bidirectional grid. It provides a streamlined system which uses artificial intelligence to provide instant approvals for most routine applications.

For the Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), this means efficient delivery of accurate data. In turn, this provides increased visibility to aid network design and operation, a “major step forward in creating a smarter UK energy system”, it said.

Demand for electricity has evolved significantly in the last 60 years, with residential households that have low-carbon technology devices increasing their peak usage to almost 15kW compared to an average usage in the 1960s of less than 1kW.

As an example, that’s like going from powering ten 100-watt bulbs to multiple electric vehicles at the same time. Increased demand is a result of the greater uptake of modern electrical appliances and newer technologies such as heat pumps and electric vehicle charging points.

With the uptake of low-carbon technologies anticipated to continue at a considerable rate in the coming years, ENA Connect Direct supports installers in their aim of completing faster and compliant installations.

Dan Clarke, Head of Innovation at Energy Networks Association, said:

“It’s a great moment to launch ENA Connect Direct, to improve the system currently in place for connecting low-carbon technologies to the grid. We have designed the platform to benefit all those involved with the application process – the installers, manufacturers, distribution network operators and ultimately the customer.

“By drawing on industry expertise and working with our members, this platform should massively speed up the application process by using the latest AI led assessment technology. We hope it will allow installers to complete their projects faster, benefiting small and medium-sized businesses in the process. It will also support network operators in having a live overview of LCT installations that they need to operate a smarter and more efficient network in the years ahead.”

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