Installation of public charge points increases by almost 50% in a year

The Department for Transport has published new quarterly statistics for electric vehicle (EV) public charging infrastructure – highlighting an increase of 49 per cent in the number of devices installed (19,520 devices) since April last year. 

As of 1 April 2024, there were 59,670 public electric vehicle charging devices installed in the UK, within which:

  • 11,590 had 50kW of power or above, this represents 19% of all charging devices
  • 35,339 had a power rating of 3kW up to 8kW, this represents 59% of all charging devices

Some key highlights from the brand-new statistics include:

  • A 49% increase in public EV charge points since April 2023
  • An 11% increase in public EV charge points since 1st January 2024
  • On-street charging points now represent 37% of all charging devices
  • Destination chargers represent 46% of all charging devices.
  • The North East had the greatest increase in charging points (21.7%)
  • London had the lowest increase (5.1%). Although in absolute terms London and the South East had the highest increase (979 and 953 respectively)

Following this Robin Heap, CEO of Zest – one of the UK’s fastest growing investor-operators of public EV charging infrastructure, said:

“These latest figures are encouraging and show that the UK is making progress in decarbonising road travel by creating the conditions for consumers to transition to electric vehicles.  It’s great to see installations increase faster outside London and the South East where they have traditionally been concentrated.  

“EV charging is a different experience to what petrol and diesel drivers are used to. Ultimately it can be much more convenient because it fits around people’s everyday routines – you just charge where you usually park. So right now we need abundant charging in a lot more of the places where people regularly park.”

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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