EVs “more affordable than ever” on Motability Scheme

Leasing an electric vehicle through the Motability Scheme has never been more affordable, according to the company delivering the product.

Motability Operations has released its spring price list, as advance payments for many ICE vehicles increased, and the upfront cost of many Scheme EVs has declined.

This means EVs on the Motability Scheme are more affordable and accessible than ever for its customers. The list showcases an expansion of low emission options, including 130 vehicles with a 250 mile+ driving range and 40 battery electric vehicles with £0 upfront cost.

Even so, Motability Operations data shows that relying on public charging creates a significant barrier for customers considering EVs.

The company said it “recognises the complexities associated with the transition and uses data and insights to understand the specific challenges its disabled customers face”.

Motability Operations added it was “committed to overcoming these barriers through investment, innovative solutions and collaborative efforts” citing it is working to launch an app that makes paying for EV charging easier for its customers.

Last month, it introduced eVITA, an EV wheelchair-accessible vehicle concept, designed with inclusivity in mind, and catering to passenger WAV users in the electric transition.

Andrew Miller, CEO of Motability Operations, said:

“As the largest car fleet in the UK, we’re in a unique position to pave the way in the transition to EV. But we cannot do that without also addressing its challenges.

“We are working with some of the country’s most innovative startups and businesses to create solutions for our customers including an app to check accessible charging points, smart charging systems that can help save costs and charging on the go. We have committed £300m to support the affordability of EVs and are also working with local authorities to support better public charging for all.

“The reality is we cannot do this alone. The industry needs to work closely with government to ensure inclusivity is at the heart of the EV shift. If the EV transition works for our customers, we know it works for the country.”

Image courtesy of Motability Operations.

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