Trojan Energy confirms partnership with Transport + Energy, leading the charge toward a sustainable future

Electric vehicle (EV) charge point operator Trojan Energy has confirmed their partnership across the Transport + Energy Forum, Awards, content and advertising.

As part of the partnership, Trojan Energy becomes the first sponsor to confirm their support for and participation in the Transport + Energy Forum, 21 November 2024, Warwick Conferences, and sponsorship of a category at the Awards presentation on the evening of the conference.

As part of this partnership, Trojan Energy will share original insights delivering impactful content throughout the year, combined with a comprehensive advertising package ensuring widespread visibility and outreach within the Transport + Energy community.  

Mark Constable, Head of Public Affairs at Trojan Energy, stated:

“We are delighted to build on our long-established partnership with Transport + Energy. Continued collaboration between the transport and energy sectors is essential as we navigate the complexities of decarbonisation. Trojan Energy is dedicated to supporting an energy transition that is equitable and inclusive and having a media partner that operates in total harmony with that mission will help us as we embark on a period of exciting growth.”

Since its inception in 2016, Trojan Energy has remained dedicated to democratising the energy transition. Starting with enabling the switch to eMobility, they developed Trojan HUB, an EV charge point installed in residential areas offering an equal chance for EV drivers without a driveway to charge effectively at home, while preserving their streets and footpaths.  

Alec Peachey, Founder and Editorial Director at Transport + Energy, commented:

“Trojan Energy has sponsored the Forum and supported our brand since we formed. We appreciate their support over the years and are delighted to work closely with them to raise their profile as we all continue to work to facilitate future clean energy and travel.”

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