New product from Paua will allow EV drivers fair compensation for charging

Paua, a leader in payment solutions for electric vehicle (EV) solutions, has announced the launch of Paua Reimburse which the company says is set to revolutionise EV driver compensation. 

This smart offering allows drivers to receive equitable payment for charging, both at home and on the road. 

Paua has been working with Royal Mail for 18 months to design and pilot a digitally integrated solution for fair compensation of electric vehicle drivers, a challenge that many employers across industry face today. 

Paua Reimburse is designed to bridge the compensation gap for EV drivers, ensuring that they are fairly reimbursed for their charging efforts on business trips everywhere they charge. 

The Paua Reimburse technology is built on top of Paua’s EV charge card solution; the UK’s largest roaming network with 44,000 connectors, including 70% of all rapid chargers nationwide. Drivers access the Paua mobile app to manage all of their reimbursements. 

The solution boasts accurate and auditable mileage capture, ending the era of estimation for business and personal miles in EV. It offers full cost reimbursement, (Paua clients have received HMRC acknowledgement that compliant with current guidance), and streamlined sign-off flows, ensuring both drivers and companies can trust the process. The entire process is built into one simple mobile app flow.

Paua Reimburse ensures that all drivers, regardless of the vehicle they drive, the tariff they select or the charger they use, can benefit. Home charging benefits are provided without compromise. Payments can be directly utilized by drivers for the utmost convenience or placed in the energy bill where businesses require this.

Paua Reimburse has been meticulously developed in collaboration with industry leaders. 

Niall Riddell, CEO and co-founder of Paua, stated,

“Designed with leading businesses for leading businesses, Paua Reimburse represents a significant step towards ensuring fair compensation and fostering the transition to EVs.

“We have spent hundreds of hours with fleets and know that they benefit from the widest network possible. To allow maximum utility Paua Reimburse includes a number of innovative features; upload of external receipts to ensure 100% coverage of public EV chargers, algorithms that work with all home chargers including three pin plugs, and automated calculations that account for commuting mileage to avoid overcompensating business miles.”

One of the driving forces behind the creation of Paua Reimburse has been the extensive collaboration with industry leaders. 

Paua has worked with Royal Mail in developing a solution to the challenge faced by all employers, that of providing appropriate business mileage reimbursement for electric car drivers.

Ensuring fair compensation of business drivers for their business miles is crucial for encouraging the switch to EV and is a problem seen by all employers across the industry. 

Riddell stated: “Paua Reimburse is set to redefine the landscape of EV driver compensation, strengthening Paua’s position as an industry pioneer.” 

Image courtesy of Paua.

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