Cenex launches EVI training course for councils

Cenex has launched a new EVI Training course designed for local authority officers involved in the planning, coordination and delivery of public electric vehicle infrastructure. 

The course, which is a UK Government-funded initiative, is for local authorities only and is not open to the public. 

The course delves into the crucial facets of electric vehicle infrastructure (EVI), equipping participants with indispensable insights and expertise essential for navigating the dynamic landscape of electric vehicle infrastructure. 

Across the 10 weeks, learners will cover electric vehicles (EVs) and charging technology, stakeholders, strategy, procurement, deployment and operations, empowering participants to facilitate effective EV infrastructure rollout.

Participants will gain essential knowledge and skills for EVI deployment, fostering consistency and knowledge sharing across local authorities, ultimately supporting the transition to EV.

You can find out more details and register here.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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