Council approves rapid charging points in Harrow

Harrow Council has signed off on plans to install rapid charging points for electric vehicles (EVs) across council car parks and on-street parking spaces in the borough.

The introduction of rapid charging points aims to provide faster charging options for EV owners, especially those doing longer journeys or requiring quick top-ups.

It has been undertaken to align with the council’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and sustainable transport options.

The council is also rolling out 225 EV charging points on lamppost columns through government funding. Currently the local authority has 30 EV charging points.

Cllr Anjana Patel, cabinet member for highways, infrastructure and community safety said: “This is a boost for electric vehicle charging in Harrow. Many people and businesses are making decisions about switching to electric vehicles. We know there is a demand, and we’re making it easier to help them to make that transition.

“There’s already a lot of work taking place and I am pleased we are making great progress on our flagship action to roll out EV charging. This includes 225 chargers being installed on residential lamp post this year, and there is more in the pipeline.

“In our wider plans of improving our environment for a cleaner borough, this will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve Harrow’s air quality.”

Image from Shutterstock

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