Ohme becomes home-charging provider for Motability Operations

Ohme, a leading EV smart charging company, is helping the UK’s largest fleet transition to electric after becoming the exclusive home-charging provider for Motability Operations.

With an estimated 130,000 EVs expected to join Motability Operations’ fleet over the next 18 months, its collaboration with Ohme in 2023 alone has helped to save more than 13,500 tonnes of CO2 – the same amount absorbed by around 550,000 trees per year.

David Watson, Ohme CEO, said:

“Ohme is very proud to be the Motability Scheme’s exclusive EV home charging provider and we want to ensure that no driver is left behind as we help their customers with their transition towards EVs. We know the greater mobility, freedom and independence that running an electric vehicle can bring. With the added benefits of reduced running costs and CO2 savings through charging with Ohme, we feel privileged to be part of that journey with Motability Operations.”

Andrew Miller, CEO, Motability Operations added:

“As we navigate the transition to electric vehicles, we must recognise the unique needs and challenges of our diverse customer base. This is why we have committed £300m to tackling these barriers, looking at affordability and working with manufacturers to increase the range of suitable EVs available and alongside partners like Ohme to make the journey to home charging as easy as possible.” 

Ohme’s dynamic smart chargers can connect with the grid in real time, automatically adjusting to optimise the cost of charging and accessing all the times of the smartest, greenest and lowest cost energy tariffs.

Image courtesy of Ohme.

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