Compleo launches 200kW EV charger

Electric vehicle (EV) charging firm Compleo has launched the high-power eTower 200 charger at a launch event in Soho, London.

The eTower 200 means Charge Point Operators (CPOs) can upgrade on-the-go charging for electric vehicle drivers with the capability to deliver 200 kW ultra-fast charging for two vehicles simultaneously.

The unit’s seven power modules balance power distribution to both vehicles, depending on each EV’s charging curve and state of charge.

Key features include simple installation with a pre-installed wire hub, a compact design, visibility and low noise, and power and efficiency.

Also among its technological innovations is an advanced air ventilation system which ensures durability by keeping electronic components unaffected by dust and humidity. The charge point can be serviced and repaired with ease due to its design as well.

Compleo CEO Joerg Lohr recognised the charging anxieties that EV drivers have to face, and how the eTower will assist.

He said: “I always tell the team, ‘we are not selling a piece of hardware to the our customers, we are selling uptime availability and reliability’.

Lohr also highlighted Compleo had come under the ownership of the Kostal Group last August, and it was “super convinced that in the future we can provide you with even better products”.

The new charger will start shipping to UK customers in May.

Compleo’s Head of Marketing & Communications in the UK, Clare Nicol, said the firm believed the eTower 200 ‘can play a big part” in net-zero and zero-emission transport targets.

Image courtesy of Compleo

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