Westminster introduces emissions-based charging

Westminster City Council is introducing emissions-based charging with new schemes for residents with parking permits and people who pay-to-park in the borough.

The new emissions-based charging schemes will see vehicles being charged based on their levels of CO2 emissions, and those producing lower levels of CO2 will be charged less in comparison to those which produce more. 

The City of Westminster has made the move after having some of the highest carbon emissions and worst air quality of any national local authority. Changes are designed to help the borough reach its goal of a Net Zero City by 2040, and tackle poor air quality that contributes to thousands of premature deaths in London each year.

The council has already installed more than 2,500 electric vehicle charging stations across the city, which is more than any other local authority in the UK. It now aims through the new policy to encourage residents and people who drive into the city to switch to low polluting vehicles and improve air quality.  

Westminster residents with an EV will pay the equivalent of £1.50 a week to park outside their home, and visitors with EVs who pay to park in Westminster will still be paying less than those driving petrol or diesel cars.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Cabinet Member for City Management and Air Quality, said: “Westminster City Council has invested heavily in electric vehicle infrastructure to encourage people to switch to EVs and low polluting vehicles.

“Westminster has more than 2,500 electric vehicle chargers across the city which is more than any other local authority in the UK. And 50 per cent of our waste collection fleet is now made up of zero-emission electric vehicles. 

 “Until now, pay to park charges for EVs in Westminster have been extremely low, and to keep up with the increasing demand for EVs the council is moving to an emissions-based charging system. The new scheme will support the growth of electric vehicles in the city while keeping charges fair, proportionate, and as low as possible.”

“To encourage more people to switch to an EV, the cost of parking an EV in Westminster will remain much lower than driving or a petrol or diesel car.”

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